Southwoods Integrated Energy System

Economic sustainability is promoted through a strategic human resources strategy which combines 236 family friendly renovated town homes allowing our increasingly valuable workforce to walk to work to jobs in the new 264 unit apartments in an innovative aging in place campus.

This innovative prototype redevelopment of a mature community will discreetly offer supportive services to both seniors and individuals with disabilities, on an optional basis.

Located in the Hazeldean neighbourhood in Edmonton, Christenson Equities is redeveloping the 55 year old Southwoods development using CHP – BTES Micro-Grid Technology developed by GSS Integrated Energy.

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This project is a community scale district energy system.Utilities services and buildings are designed to integrate new, innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Natural gas CoGen.
  • Advanced geothermal Borehole Thermal Energy Storage.
  • Low temperature distribution network.
  • Distributed electrical smart micro-grid technology.
  • Integrated solar thermal and photovoltaic peak load energy delivery.
  • Treated storm water and grey water reuse.