Leading the Way to Green Energy

GSS Integrated Energy is an Alberta-based company dedicated to improving the state of energy consumption on the residential, commercial and industrial applications. Specializing in borehole thermal energy storage, this process increases efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  It uses all the best of high performing technologies such as cogeneration; geothermal energy storage; solar thermal and photovoltaic energy; and storm water and grey water reuse.

Our Technologies

  • Combined Heat and Power

    Natural Gas Co-Generation with Borehole Thermal Energy Storage utilizing hot/cold multi-zoned thermal storage to peak shave high summer/winter demands.

  • Electrical Generation

    Advanced distributed smart micro-grid technology applications through local generation; real time individual component efficiency monitoring; seamless electrical grid feed-in and islanding technology.

  • Water Treatment

    Rain & storm water to deliver thermal energy and grey water re-use.