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Reduce primary energy by around 30%

90% NOx and SOx Reduction

(Compared to Alberta coal fired grid-connected power)

30% - 60% GHG Emissions Reduction

(Qualifies for GHG Credits)

System efficiency from generation to consumption could be as high as 85%.

Thermal power generation uses about 114 litres (25 gallons) fresh water per kWh produced with coal.

The SmartPower Modular CHP Cogeneration System uses no water.


Modular CHP CoGeneration System

SmartPower Modular CHP Cogeneration System

Guaranteed less expensive than a traditional “Inside Building” installation.

All units are designed for fast integration and easy operation.
Installation time is typically days, not weeks or months.

SmartPower CHP units are Pre-Engineered and Pre-Packaged to “Plug & Play”

Residential units from 10kW to 18 kW electrical outputs.
Commercial units range from 30kW up to 2200kW.
Industrial/ Community scale units to 3 MW

GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. is an Alberta company that specializes in alternative energy designs using advanced SmartPower CHP Cogeneration and Bore Hole Thermal Energy storage. Smart Micro-Grid innovations through our R&D group continue to develop Integrated Community Energy solutions that are self-contained energy & utility ecosystems.

Built on a smart micro-grid platform, utilities are produced, managed, consumed, and monitored all on a local scale. They can be integrated into larger central grids, but their defining characteristic is that they can operate independently if disconnected from the whole, increasing the community’s resiliency.


Create a positive environmental impact with borehole themral energy storage while improving the reliability of your electrical power supply.


Our system will maximize your on-site energy utilization efficiency with smart use energy through consumption reduction of hydrocarbons.

Flexible & Secure

Our solution can be used in both development growth or build out. You will also gain the peace of mind of owning your own utility.


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